Jimmy Fallon Details 'Most Unromantic' Proposal to His Wife on 'Today With Hoda & Jenna'

'I don't know how she said yes.'

Jimmy Fallon is telling the story of how he asked his wife to marry him, which he says didn't go as smoothly as he'd hoped.

During an appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna this week, the late-night talk show host spilled to anchors Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager the details of his proposal to now-wife Nancy Juvonen, an experience he ironically labeled as "unromantic."

While sitting down with the two NBC News hosts, Fallon, 48, recalled getting the ring for Juvoven, 55, and waiting to ask her for her hand in marriage. "[There was] just so much pressure on me, and then it just didn't work out the night I was gonna do it."

"She surprised me with something else, so I just held it for like three more months," he explained, noting that he had already asked her dad for permission, so Juvoven's family was left expecting the big engagement news for months before he even popped the question.

The That's My Jam host eventually decided, "'I'm gonna do it at her family's summer home in New Hampshire.' I just bring the ring and Nancy goes, 'Let's go out and have a cocktail on the dock,' so I go, 'Okay on the dock would be perfect.'"

"So I'm like [telling myself], 'don't cry. don't cry. Let her cry if someone's gonna cry,'" he remembered thinking before dropping down to one knee. But apparently he just couldn't hold it in. "As soon as I pull out the ring, I start crying."

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The comedian then re-enacted the moment for Kotb, 58, and Hager, 41, who both laughed at his attempt to kneel down and give the romantic spiel while sobbing. "She thinks I'm having a stroke," Fallon then joked of Juvoven.

"She's like, 'Are you okay?'" he recalled her asking, calling the situation "the most unromantic thing."

"I don't know how she said yes," he quipped.

"I wish I had a voice over of someone sexy and romantic going, 'I love you forever. Will you please be my wife'" Fallon then said, while speaking in a really deep voice that Hager said sounded like Antonio Banderas.

"I'm Antonio Banderas," Fallon joked. "I wanted him to come. I wanted Puss in Boots to propose to my wife."

Luckily, it all worked out for Fallon anyways, as Juvoven ended up saying yes and the two have been happily married since 2007.

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