Jimmy Butler on saying 'you're in trouble' to LeBron: 'It's competition at its finest'

The Miami Heat star addressed his trash talk exchange with LeBron James in Game 3 of the 2020 NBA Finals.

Video Transcript

- Jimmy, first I just wanted to clarify. It looked like you said you're in trouble. Is that what you said?

JIMMY BUTLER: That is what I said.

First of all, [INAUDIBLE] out and just out there talking trash because I'm not. Bron said it to me at the end of the first. That's what happened. I just said it to him in the fourth quarter.

I mean, it's competition at its finest. I think LeBron has got the best of me way too many times. I respect the guy for it, but this is a different time now, a different group of guys that I have around me. And we're here to win. We're going to compete, but we're not going to lay down. We're going to fight back in this thing and even it up 2-2.