Jimmy Butler: Heat need to be 'damn near perfect', weren't in Game 1 loss

The Miami forward spoke following Wednesday's 116-98 loss to the Lakers in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Video Transcript

- You talk about how damn near perfect that we have to play, and that was nowhere near it. There's nothing to be said. We can watch all the film in the world. We understand. We know what we did not do. What we talked about we're going to do, we didn't do.

We didn't rebound. We didn't make them miss any shots. We didn't get back. All of those things led to the deficit that we dug our-- or put ourself in.

We just got to be tougher. We got to put up more of a fight. I don't think that we did that. And then it doesn't help whenever we don't make shots.

It's been that way all year long. Whenever we start to miss a couple of shots, when don't do what we're supposed to do on the other end. So, you know, I think we should always think about letting our defense, for sure our rebounding start it off for us. And then, you know, hopefully we start to make shots.