Jimmy Buffet Recorded a Sweet Music Video About Dog Adoption Before He Passed Away

Before Jimmy Buffet sadly passed on September 1 at the age of 76 he made a music video in conjunction with the ASPCA showcasing his precious dogs.

The sweet video also includes footage of fans interacting with other dogs and it's just amazingly special.

People Magazine shared the sweet story to their Facebook page and fans are here for it. @Christine comments, "My rescue is part Beagle and part Cavalier. Rescues come in all kinds of breeds. Jimmy was so thoughtful to think of them in his final days." @Karen sweetly adds, "Jimmy Buffett was such a special person. He made this world a better place." @Michael responds, "He was a wonderful animal advocate." @Dean says, "Animal loving people really are the best."

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The article explains, " In the video, Buffett sings about his ideal relationship inspired by the easy, unconditional love from his dogs, with lyrics including: “She never tells me that she’s sick of this house. She never says, ‘Why don’t you get off that couch?’/ She don’t cost nothin’ when she wants to go out/ I want you to love me like my dog."According to the ASPCA, Buffett was inspired to make the music video after asking his fans to share their videos with their dogs under the hashtag #likemydog."

You can watch this precious video right here!

What a loss of such a wonderful, amazing talent who loved dogs as much as we all do!

If you are interested in adopting your own furry friend, please contact your local Humane Society or animal shelter.

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