Jillian Michaels Says She "Doesn’t Understand the Logic" Behind CrossFit Training

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Jillian Michaels Says She"Doesn’t Understand the Logic" Behind CrossFit Training.In the past, Jillian Michaels has warned about the dangers of kipping (a staple CrossFit movement).Now, the former "Biggest Loser trainer" is taking issue with the entire approach to CrossFit training. .CrossFit essentially combines gymnastics elements, weight training, and metabolic conditioning, with an emphasis on intensity. .In her video, Michaels said she feels that these fitness modalities tend to be more suitable for "elite athletes" than the average person. ."To me, it seems like beating after beating after beating after beating," Michaels said of the workouts. .She also voiced her concerns about overtraining certain muscle groups in CrossFit. ."I love that people love CrossFit, I love that they love working out, I love that they love the community it provides," Michaels said. ."But I wouldn’t want you to be doing a yoga workout every day. I wouldn’t want you to be running every day," she explained.Bottom line: There’s a lot of work you need to put in before making CrossFit a regular part of your workout routine