Jill Biden makes the case for her husband to be the next president

Jill Biden delivered a speech during the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday to tell Americans why they should vote for her husband, Joe Biden, for president.

Video Transcript

JILL BIDEN: Across this country, educators, parents, first responders, Americans of all walks of life are putting their shoulders back, fighting for each other. We haven't given up.

We just need leadership worthy of our nation, worthy of you; honest leadership to bring us back together, to recover from this pandemic and prepare for whatever else is next; leadership to reimagine what our nation will be. That's Joe.

He and Kamala will work as hard as you do every day to make this nation better. And if I have the honor of serving as your first lady, I will too. And with Joe as president, these classrooms will ring out with laughter and possibility once again.

The burdens we carry are heavy. And we need someone with strong shoulders. I know that if we entrust this nation to Joe, he will do for your family what he did for ours-- bring us together and make us whole, carry us forward in our time of need, keep the promise of America for all of us.