Jewelry shop exposes 'petty' way customer got back at cheating ex

A jewelry shop with almost 2 million followers on TikTok had an unusual order come in from a vengeful girlfriend who was getting back at her cheating boyfriend. DBL Jewelry is a small business led by Liv, who goes by @ceo.liv on TikTok. Liv got a message from a disgruntled customer saying, "My BF cheated and I'm sending him a necklace with ALL the girls' names on [it]". In the notes section of the order, the girl added, "He cheated with three girls, so here's his anniversary gift. (He doesn't know I know yet)". "Girl, what?" Liv narrated in the TikTok. “She’s gonna give him the necklace in front of his family so that he can read it out loud". In addition to the necklace, Liv added that the girl also ordered some butterfly necklaces for "hot girl summer" and a beaded bracelet that wards off negative energy. As expected, commenters absolutely lost their minds over the scheme. "Girls are petty, I love it," one person wrote