Jeweler posts hypnotic deep-cleaning videos

There’s just something satisfying about watching someone else clean something really dirty. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to do it ourselves.

Or maybe it’s because watching something restored to its ideal form is intriguing. The jewelry seller fashionhsv on Instagram showcases its golden rings and necklaces, but its most popular posts are its jewelry cleaning videos.

The setup is almost always the same in these clips. A hand uses tongs to grab a diamond-encrusted ring. The ring is dipped into a silver tub of blue solution. The hand holds the jewelry in the cleaner until a cloud of gray sediment forms in the water. In an instant, the dull, tarnished metal emerges with a sparkling luster. Just like brand new.

But perhaps there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing an old coin restored. The Instagrammer cleaned one from 1937 that depicts King Edward VIII.

The dirty metal disk with a copper hue has likely traded many hands in the past 80 years, so you know it’s full of gunk. The mysterious tongs dip the coin in the blue solution and the residue quickly falls off. In the end, it looks shinier with more visible details.

Most of the comments ask the same question: what is the liquid? Many jewelry cleaners are blue in color so it can be any number of them. Fortunately, making your own jewelry cleaner is easy. You can use a mixture of baking soda and water or try some dish soap and warm water.

No matter what you use, the transformation will definitely be oh so satisfying to watch.

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