Jet-Set Your Fitness With This Pre-Travel Workout

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If you're an avid traveler, you already know the toll long trips can take on the body. Aside from the usual culprits of fatigue and dehydration , hours of sitting in one position can easily lead to stiff, sore muscles and chronic pain. While there are stretches you can do during travel to help alleviate some of the strain, a better option is to prepare and strengthen your body before you travel with this pre-travel workout .

Pre-Travel Workout: Getting Fit for a Better Trip

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This certainly holds true with travel because studies show healthier travelers are at a lower risk for some of the scarier side effects of travel, such as deep vein thrombosis. Aside from the typical dehydration, bloating, headaches and fatigue that accompany most long journeys, getting in shape with a pre-travel workout can just make travel easier on the body.

You can do this entire workout with a kettlebell or pair of dumbbells, but feel free to modify any exercise for barbells if that's more your speed. Perform each exercise for the prescribed sets and reps, resting one to two minutes before moving on to the next, or run through the list as a circuit, resting two minutes between each round.

Pre-Travel Workout

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