Jessie James and Eric Decker Always Agree on Where to Vacation: 'It's Our Spot'

When singer/songwriter, comfy clothing line founder, and mom of three Jessie James Decker hosted a “Girlfriends' Night Out” earlier this month at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, her fans made a beeline for the new Earth Ballroom to watch her perform songs from her Southern Girl City Lights album, shop the latest Kittenish merchandise, and have some of the very real and honest girl talk she's become known for.

It was a big night for Jessie — her first appearance since the birth of her third child, Forrest, the day after news broke that her husband, Eric Decker, had signed with the New England Patriots. Although Jessie said she was looking forward to being in New England, Eric has since announced that he is retiring from the NFL to spend more time with his Nashville-based family. And considering their closer-than-close relationship, as seen on the E! series Eric and Jessie and on social media, we're sure they're looking forward to being together more often.

Jessie sat down with Travel + Leisure after her concert to talk traveling as a family, on the road beauty and style secrets, and the one celebrity she'd love to travel with (besides, of course, her husband).

Travel + Leisure: As a touring mom of three, are there any tricks you've learned while traveling with kids?

Jessie James Decker: “I travel with Forrest right now because I'm still breastfeeding him... make a checklist of everything you think you're gonna need. Obviously diapers and wipies but I bring his play toys, I just bring everything because you can never have enough. I love bringing the kids with me because I just don't like being without them.”

How is Forrest as a traveler so far?

“He is honestly the best out of all the babies. He is the best traveler. He's super chill.”

Do you have any family vacation traditions or places you always go back to together?

“We love to go to the Gulf in Florida... we go to the Destin/Panama City area ... we go there as much as possible. I grew up going there as a little girl and the sand is like sugar and the water's like Hawaiian water so we love it. We actually own a house out there.”

Where is your favorite place to perform?

“I'm not just saying this because you're interviewing me here, but the Northeast. I just feel like my fans are so passionate out here and I feel like I relate to them a lot, so it's the most fun for me.”

What's the most romantic trip you and Eric have ever taken together?

Cabo. Cabo's like our spot. So whenever we need to get away just he and I — just to have some good old fun — that's where we go. I love the Hispanic culture and I love the food and it's just always so romantic.”

What is your idea of the perfect travel uniform?

“I always wear black leggings, slip-on sneakers, a white V-neck tee, and just a cute little sweater or shawl ... and then I'll either wear a baseball cap or a cute fedora of some sort just to spice it up a little bit.”

Pink in San Fran

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Is there one thing you always pack no matter what?

“The one thing I always pack no matter what is a pair of flip-flops. I'm a flip-flop girl. I wear heels whenever I have to work because I'm really short and petite, I'm 5'1, but I always make sure I have flats.”

Do you have a go-to in-flight routine?

“Nine out of 10 times I don't wear a lick of makeup on a plane; I will smother my face in some sort of oil or moisturizer just because the plane can dry out your skin so badly. I already have kind of dry skin to begin with so I always just moisturize like crazy.”

Is there one particular product you love to use?

“I really like the Ren products; there's a rose oil that I'm obsessed with.”

Is there a pair of comfy shoes you always bring?

“I have these Kenneth Cole slip-on white sneakers that are so filthy and dirty... I got them at the Nordstrom Rack and they are like my go-to. I cannot live without these shoes; they're literally upstairs in the hotel room.”

Do you have any packing tricks to share?

“I'm the worst packer; it makes my husband crazy. Eric is the most organized. If you look at his suitcase vs. mine Eric's is coordinated and perfect and mine is like thrown in, a total disaster. So not really. I would just say the only thing I did learn a lesson from is I pack all my liquids in a Ziploc bag, not for TSA but so they don't explode and go everywhere.”

Do you and Eric typically agree on where to vacation next?

“We always agree on everything, it's the craziest thing. But we both just always want to go to Cabo. We just want to be on the beach or in the water somewhere together, we want to eat, we want to lay out together, and that's that.”

You have a book coming out too. Do you read a lot when you're on the road? Is there one book you've loved recently?

“I'm really into lifestyle books and I love cookbooks. I really like Joanna Gaines's cookbook she just put out; I think the recipes are fabulous and they're always put together so beautifully.”

If you could travel with one celebrity who would it be?

“Jessica Simpson. I just... I like her. I don't really know her personally, we're like social media friends, I have yet to meet her. I just think she's cute.”

Where are you headed to next?

“Everything else I have is based at home in Nashville. I have to finish recording my Christmas album and then I have some stuff coming up in New York.”