Jessie James Decker says 'amazing' husband Eric Decker does 'all the mommy stuff'

Jessie James and Eric Decker just returned to the small screen for the third season of their hit E! reality show, Eric & Jessie. And while the couple aimed to have the new episodes provide fans with the most exclusive look into their relationship and family yet, there’s been a late-breaking development.

Eric and Jessie James Decker make a great parenting duo. (Photo: courtesy of E!)
Eric and Jessie James Decker make a great parenting duo. (Photo: courtesy of E!)

On Monday evening, the country singer took to her Instagram to share that their family of four will soon be a family of five — a new chapter for the couple that, Jessie James tells Yahoo Lifestyle, can handle pretty much anything.

“The key to our relationship is that we really like each other,” Jessie James, 29, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “When we got together in the beginning, before we even got married, we never really had problems. So I feel like we had such a strong foundation that when the real stuff started going down, like having kids and career moves and everything, nothing really tested us.”

The mom to daughter Vivianne, 3, and son Eric Jr. (aka Bubby), 2, admits that having children is really the “tough” part of a marriage. But with Eric by her side, she doesn’t have to do any parenting alone.

A man who does dishes is a keeper…. and with an ass like that, also a keeper.

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“He’s so so nurturing, and so sensitive,” she says about the Tennessee Titans wide receiver. “There’s no gender role when it comes to being mother/father. He’ll do all the mommy stuff. And he doesn’t even have to, but he’s just that amazing. He’ll change every diaper if he has to and he’ll get up in the middle of the night and give Bubby a bottle. He’s just amazing.”

And while some situations do cause her husband to lose his patience — such as her lengthy nighttime routine — Jessie James has luckily found a way to shorten her get-ready time come morning.

“Today I took the kids to school, and I have on some leggings and a Kittenish sweatshirt — very simple,” she explains. “I’ve got flip-flops on, even though it’s raining like crazy here. And no makeup. I did put some dry shampoo in my greasy hair, but other than that, that is the mom look today.”

All in all, it seems like the pair is ready to welcome child No. 3 — thanks to a state of easy happiness that the singer hopes audiences pick up on when watching their reality series.

Love my Wolfpack!!

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“I just hope people take away how much we really love each other,” she says. “Family is always first for us, but I also hope they can take away that we really work really hard in our individual careers. We’re busting our butts trying to make our dreams come true. So we hope that inspires others and that it inspires our children.”

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