Jessie J reveals split from Channing Tatum again, with Instagram post about being single

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You might think Channing Tatum and Jessie J's relationship status is more confusing than the ending of Tenet, but the singer just made it very clear that they're actually no longer a thing.

The pair, who have been on-again-off-again since late 2018, have been giving lots of mixed signals recently. First came the report from Entertainment Tonight in March that suggested they were quarantining together, after being spotted riding a motorbike around LA together.

Then there was Jessie's birthday message to Channing in April, followed by claims she had written a song about him on her new album. But now? 32-year-old Jessie seems to suggest they haven't been together for a while, with a new Instagram post.

Posted yesterday [21 October], Jessie uploaded a video montage yesterday of herself doing various things, such as drinking wine and attempting to twerk, describing it as "single life in a pandemic".

"What my pupils are actually doing while I calmly stare at you trying to get a quick read on your energy..." Jessie wrote to her 9.3million followers. "Single life in a pandemic is 🔮 👁👁 It’s supposed to be funny. So don’t get serious Sally in the comments. Sorry if your name is Sally and you aren’t serious."

Firstly, her dancing is incredible. Secondly, single life in the pandemic? HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON FOR?

This comes as Jessie recently opened up about her new track 'Simply Be In Love' during an Instagram Live, fuelling speculation it's about 40-year-old Channing. "I wrote this song about when you first meet someone and you want to steam ahead," she said.

"Sometimes running can ruin a foundation that a relationship needs, which is to just be chill, stay still and enjoy the moment."

Is that where things went wrong?

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