Jessica Simpson's Young Son Ace Is Now a Little Man Who Looks Just Like Dad Eric Johnson

Louisa Ballhaus

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Happy birthday, Ace Knute Johnson! Jessica Simpson’s son Ace turned 7 yesterday and mom can’t believe how fast her little boy is growing up — and frankly, we’re right there with her. Simpson shared an adorable photo from their (socially distanced!) birthday celebration, and 7-year-old Ace has transformed into a whole little man right before our eyes. And it’s not hard to see where Ace is getting his features — while his blonde hair may be all mom Simpson, this 7-year-old is dad Eric Johnson’s lookalike, through and through.

Simpson posted a photo of her and son Ace sharing a hug on Instagram, surrounded by balloons and a custom baseball-themed cake. Ace has his arms wrapped around mom but looks right at the camera, and we bet you anything Johnson has a 7-year-old photo of himself that looks just like this. While we’re convinced he’s taking after dad Johnson, we have some competition in the comments from fans who swear that Ace is his mom’s mini-me instead.

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“I cannot believe my boy is 7!” Simpson wrote below the pic of her and Ace. “This kiddo is amazing at everything! He is beautiful, kind, compassionate, obedient to his own heart, soulful, competitive, a gentle force of nature, observant, even tempered, complimentary, hugs when he sees conflict in the room, nurturing, athletic, intelligent, hopeful, daddy’s best friend, mommy’s snuggle monster, home run king, knows everyone’s next move, passionate, hilarious, a collector of baseball cards and crystals, one of a kind and good…he is just SO good.”

“Hugs when he sees conflict in the room” is the sweetest, most wholesome thing I’ve read all week, and let’s not even get into “mommy’s snuggle monster.” At a time when many of us can’t hold our family close, this moment between Simpson and Ace is all the more precious — no matter who he looks like.

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Mel Gibson, Milo Gibson

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