Jessica Biel's Met Gala Prep And Workouts Were Actually Super Healthy

Jessica Biel's Met Gala Prep And Workouts Were Actually Super Healthy
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Jessica Biel takes fashion—and fitness—very seriously.

On May 6, the actress attended the Met Gala for the first time since 2013, attending on behalf of Cartier. Sticking to the event's "The Garden of Time" theme, Jessica donned a stunning watermelon-colored Tamara Ralph gown for the red carpet, pairing it with beachy waves and, of course, Cartier jewels.

2024 costume institute benefit sleeping beauties reawakening fashion
Jessica Biel attends the 2024 Met Gala wearing a Tamara Ralph gown.Sean Zanni - Getty Images

Earlier in the night, Jessica, 42, made headlines when she posted a TikTok about her prep routine for the first Monday in May, which included bathing in 20 pounds of Epsom salt for 30 minutes the night before the event. (Epsom salt can temporarily reduce bloat, ease sore muscles, and improve bone health, among other benefits, certified personal trainer Sabrina Sarabella previously told WH.)

"I know some people like to party before Met Ball and party all weekend, and all the things, and I have total respect for that," Jessica shared in her video. "This is what I do to get ready for the Met Ball."

Jessica then dumped the Epsom salt in her bath, adding, "With water as hot as you can take it... and off to bed early. See you tomorrow, Met Ball!"

But that wasn't the only way that the Candy star got red carpet-ready. Jessica, who spoke with WH last week about her upcoming children's book A Kids Book About Periods, exclusively shared that she and her trainer designed a specific workout in the runup to the event. The routine included lots of moves to tone her upper body, since the gown showed off her shoulders and collarbone.

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If she has the time, Jessica's workout will last an hour and a half, including warm-ups, cool downs, and lots of stretching. Ahead of the Met Gala, her arm moves included tricep pushdowns and lat pull-downs, plus exercises involving holding her own body weight, she said.

"What I'm wearing will be all upper body-exposed, like arms, collarbone, shoulders, upper back, lats," she said. "There's an emphasis on just toning there."

The workout also featured lots of cardio, including squats and lunges. She was also careful to drink lots of water and lift lighter weights, using 10 to 15-pound dumbbells instead of anything heavier.

the 2024 met gala celebrating sleeping beauties reawakening fashion arrivals
Jessica Biel wore Cartier jewels for the event.Taylor Hill - Getty Images

"We're just thinking about moving fluids through your body to get everything taut and lean and strong for that particular event," she explained. "If I get sore and swell, it takes me a couple of days to come back down, and then your clothes are just fitting a different way because you're retaining lactic acid. These [exercises] are meant to not make me too sore."

Jessica also shared that she's become a fan of Pilates over recent years, citing its benefits for strength, joint, and ligament health.

"When I was in my twenties, it was important to me how much I could bench press and how ripped my shoulders are, and all that stuff is less important to me now," she shared. "What's important to me now is mobility. I don't want to be living with pain."

Go, Jessica, go!

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