Jessica Alba And Her Daughter Are ‘Twinning’ In Bikinis In New TikTok Dance Video

Jennifer Nied
Photo credit: Jessica Alba / TikTok
Photo credit: Jessica Alba / TikTok

From Women's Health

  • Jessica Alba posted a new TikTok dance video showing off her abs.

  • Her daughter, Honor, joins her in a matching bikini and sun hat.

  • Jessica adds she's "Twinning my baby boo" in the caption.

Jessica Alba is one step ahead of all the celebs experimenting with TikTok amidst social distancing. She's basically become a dancing queen alongside her whole fam in video after video of adorable routines. And in her latest video, Jessica got a jumpstart on her birthday celebrations with a new mother-daughter TikTok routine.

The actress and entrepreneur turns 39 on April 28, but she celebrated all weekend long with her family at home. And yes, there was plenty of dancing. Her latest TikTok clip is a new dance with her 11-year-old daughter Honor.

In the video, Jessica and Honor do an impressive routine to "Hustle & Flow" wearing matching brown bikinis and sun hats. They’re both totally into the song and hitting every beat.

Their dance moves are on point, and the mother-daughter duo look almost identical. Jessica notes it herself in the caption: "Twinning my baby boo." There may be 25-plus years between them, but twins is right.

Fans can't get over how much the mother-daughter duo resemble one another. (Tbh, I don't blame them.) The TikTok video was just part of her "fam bam" filled weekend. Jessica added on Instagram: "Heart is full -almost my bday and weekend w fam bam was by far the best in a hot minute. - Honor taught me this new dance for @TikTok. We didn’t bicker as much and spent quality time together 🌞."

Also worth noting: Jessica’s abs look amazing. She's all about staying active, and it definitely shows. "If you can be active in any way shape or form, it's always good to keep the blood flowing," Jessica told E!. "If you can just do it two or three times a week, a little bit of exercise whether it's yoga or going for a walk or cycling class or something...go for it."

Jessica also focuses on her abs with Pilates and keeps her dance moves sharp. "I like doing dance classes," she told "That's fun. Like hip-hop class, mixed with like core Pilates-type exercises."

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