This Jessica Alba-approved organization system is the seamless secret behind a tidy pantry

 Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

Mastering an effective storage system in our kitchen and pantry is something we've all (at least tried) to achieve, and it would seem that even Hollywood's elite aren't immune from this task.

Actress Jessica Alba shared a look into her parent's organized pantry that recently underwent a transformation courtesy of HOME + SORT and mDesign (the latter a favorite of H&G's after they paired up with celebrated designer Nate Berkus).

However, while we confess we sometimes find organizing somewhat tedious, Jessica explains that she feels more excited about the process. And we suspect it has something to do with this refreshingly simple organization system.

'The way an organized space gets me going! To say I’m all about organizational systems, deep cleans, containment – all the things – is an understatement,' Jessica says.

But where does the actress get her enthusiasm for tidiness from? Not her parents, according to her.

'When moving my parents into their new house, I realized I may not have gotten that obsession from them. Mom and Dad, I love you – but y’all ain’t the most organized! In your new digs, though, there’s no excuse – HOME + SORT and mDesign came through and totally freaked it!'

In the pantry, Jessica is pictured alongside her parents' extensive coffee and tea collection, all of which are stored neatly in mDesign's famous transparent containers.

'Between the space maximization, systems in place, labels showing exactly where everything goes, beautiful containment, zero clutter – it feels like my Pinterest mood board dreams came to life.'

Beyond the kitchen, mDesign products are seen in various points around Jessica's parents' home, including the laundry room and a makeup drawer. However, we can't help but note that the pantry is our favorite space in the home.

So, what is the secret behind this tidy space? As mentioned, the room uses a combination of mDesign's best-loved products – many of which are designed and approved by Nate Berkus. These clear, easy-accessible pieces allow us to keep track of exactly what's in our pantry (or kitchen), meaning we don't overbuy – and can find things with ease.

Jessica is seen next to the Nate-designed transparent bin and the adjustable drawer organizer that keeps their tea collection in check. In the 5th slide, we also spotted a handy turntable rack, similar to the mDesign model we found below. These organizers have a habit of selling out (we learned this the hard way from past experience), so we're making the investment now.

Bin with handles by Nate Berkus

These transparent, versatile bins keep all contents visible, making it easy to find exactly what you need in your cupboard or closet. Meanwhile, the open-top concept enables easy reach-in access.

Adjustable Drawer Organizer

Whether we use this for tea sachets (like Jessica's parents), cutlery, or utensils – there is no end to the versatile organizer. It's now impossible to imagine our drawers without one.

Two-Tier Turntable

We love how this rotating organizer spins a full 360° making it simple to grab exactly what you need. Meanwhile, the outer edge keeps everything in place while the tray is in motion.