Jeremy Renner Vows to ‘Be Exceptional’ and ‘Not Squander My Life Being Spared’ in Update After Near-Fatal Snowplow Accident

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
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Jeremy Renner has spent all of 2023 recovering from a harrowing snowplow accident which saw him break over 30 bones. After the January 14 incident, in which a 14,300-pound vehicle rolled over Renner as he tried to save his nephew from the same fate, the star spent several weeks in the hospital before making a triumphant reemergence.

The Hawkeye star took to Instagram on Tuesday to post an update of his heroic journey, which he says has involved almost every therapy imaginable. “I have been exploring EVERY type of therapy since Jan 14th," Renner told his fans. "Everyday, countless hours of physical therapy, peptide injections, IV drips and pushes, stem cell and exosomes, red light / IR therapy, hyperbaric chamber 2.0 atmospheres, cold plunge, and the list goes on and on.”

But he contended those were minor in comparison to the lessons he'd learned. “My greatest therapy has been my mind and the will to be here and push to recover and be better,” Renner continued. “Be exceptional… I feel it’s my duty to do so. Not to squander my life being spared, but to give back to my family, friends, and all of you whom have empowered me to endure. I thank you all.”

The two-time Oscar nominee gave his first post-accident interview to Diane Sawyer in March. He told Sawyer that he had “eight ribs broken in 14 places. Right knee, right ankle broken, left leg tibia broken, left ankle broken, right clavicle broken, right shoulder broken. Face, eye socket, jaw, mandible broken. Lung collapsed. Pierced from the rib bone, liver.” Renner recalled that he was “awake through every moment” of the ordeal.

He made his return to the red carpet in April for the premiere of his Disney+ renovation series Rennervations. Though he walked with a cane and occasionally used a motorized scooter, the star had made a miraculous recovery in just three months.

Renner told Variety at the premiere: “I look a little beat up right now, but I promise you this show is what’s propelling me to get better and makes me want to get better every day. I set out a goal to be walking this carpet. And here I am enjoying it. ”