Jeremy Renner Shares Another Hospital Photo to Thank 'Renowned' ICU Staff Following Snow Plow Accident

The actor seems to be getting better every day.

Jeremy Renner is on the mend, thanks to his rockstar ICU team.

The Marvel star has spent the last week in intensive care following an accident at his Reno, Nevada property, where he was run over by his snow plow while trying to free a stuck vehicle, which was later revealed to be a member of his family.

The actor was left in critical condition following the incident on New Year's Day, which involved "blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries" that required surgery. He shared his first update via social media on Jan. 3 in the form of a hospital bed selfie, where trauma bandages could be seen peeking out from underneath his hospital gown. In addition, the left half of his face was bruised, his eyes were swollen, and he was on Oxygen.

He later shared a glimpse at his hospital "spa moment" via Instagram stories, where his sister could be seen massaging shampoo into his hair through a shower cap in his first semblance of a shower since he was hospitalized.

Yesterday, Jan. 6, he shared a third look at life in the hospital, posting a group photo with several of his healthcare providers on his Instagram story, via People.

Renner, who turned 52 today, Jan. 7, sat underneath a fuzzy green blanket in his hospital bed. He was wearing an Oxygen mask this time, but the bruising on his face seems to have started to clear and the bandages that were pressed against his neck in his very first update appear to be gone.

A group of people circled around his bed for the photo. "Thank you renowned medical ICU team for beginning this journey," he wrote alongside several prayer hand emojis, addressing the people that have been caring for him since he was admitted.

His words seem to suggest that he may be getting downgraded from intensive care and leaving the first part of his recovery behind, though no formal statements about his current status have been made.