Jeopardy! releases a sweet and silly final tribute to Alex Trebek

William Hughes
·1 min read

Today marks the release of Alex Trebek’s final episode of Jeopardy!, ending a tenure that stretched across decades of TV, millions of dollars in distributed prizes, and some pretty great rap deliveries. In saying farewell to Trebek, who died late last year, the show released one last tribute to the man, the myth, the (occasional) mustache, paying honor to a guy who consistently brought warmth, humanity, and humor to the ostensibly cold quizmaster’s role.

And yeah, hey, is it just us, or is it getting a little misty in here? The video—which will also air with tonight’s episode—manages to pack so much of what made Trebek great into its scant 90 second run-time: His lack of self-consciousness, his deep amusement at getting to hang out with an endless parade of interesting nerds, his ability to genuinely welcome audiences into the show’s studio night after night after night. All in all, an extremely sweet way to bid farewell to one of the greatest game show hosts and TV personalities of all time.

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