'Jeopardy!' Fans Call Out Ken Jennings for Tasteless Joke About Elderly People

Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings is in hot water after joking about elderly people during a recent episode of Jeopardy!

On Nov. 9, during the show's Champions Wildcard tournament, Jennings made a comment about assisted living residents that rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

The game show host was speaking with contestant Jen Jazwinski during the interview portion of Jeopardy! when the incident occurred. Jazwinski recalled that in her previous appearances on the game show, she explained how important her grandmother is to her—earning her grandma applause from fellow residents.

“When I did that, her entire home where she lives was watching, and they stood and gave her a standing ovation during that part of the show,” she told Jennings. “So that was a really special moment for her and for me.”

In response, Jennings said, “That’s great. And that means a lot in assisted living. Standing up, not easy...for all those people, I would assume.”

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One X user wrote, "@JeopardyReally? Nothing like a little casual ageism from @KenJennings- it’s difficult for people in assisted living to stand up? Disappointed."

Someone else tweeted, "Jeopardy host @kenjenningscaptured the essense [sic] of #ageism in his ignorant comment that it was incredible residents of nursing homes could give standing ovations as "standing up-not easy". Really Ken? All older people are infirm? Perhaps belittling others strokes his ego?"

Meanwhile, other person tweeted, "Ken Jennings can never get through the Jeopardy contestant interviews without being creepy.

Yet another X user pointed out, "Anybody tell him that he'll get older as time goes on?"

What do you think of Jennings' comments? Were they insensitive, or are some viewers overreacting?

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