Jennifer Lopez's Makeup-Free Selfie Is Simply Stunning

Harper's Bazaar Staff

From Harper's BAZAAR

It's hardly a secret that Jennifer Lopez is incredible, but the singer and actress decided to stun us all this weekend by sharing a makeup-free selfie.

Along with the caption, "Good morning everyone!!! #MorningFace," Lopez showed off her incredible clear skin, and proved she's every bit as beautiful when she's just crawled out of bed.

Lopez recently celebrated her 51st birthday. Posting on Instagram, J.Lo thanked everyone who'd helped to celebrate her big day. The superstar wrote, "Thank you so much for all of your beautiful birthday wishes! As I watch and read through all of them, I can’t help but think how I spent my last birthday with so many of you last summer celebrating and how this year is so different. But what’s the same is I still feel the love from all of you and I hope you feel it too! Even though the world has changed so much, here is something that never will: I love you, I love you, I love you!!! It’s mah birthday!!! ❤️✨."

Lopez is engaged to Alex Rodriguez, but the couple was forced to postpone their wedding on account of the coronavirus pandemic. Lopez shared her sadness about the postponement during an interview on Today, and explained, "There's no planning right now. You just have to kind of wait and see how this all plays out, and it's disappointing on one level."

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