Jennifer Lopez Revealed a New Chocolate Brown Hair Color

This just in: Jennifer Lopez has debuted a new hair color. According to her latest Instagram post, Lopez has updated her look from the dark blonde waves she's been rocking for a while now to a rich chocolate brown color. 

J.Lo alerted fans to her new do with a mirror selfie alongside her stylist, Lorenzo Martin. She captioned the pic with the hashtag #THISISMENOW, a reference to her upcoming album, This Is Me…Now, a sequel to her 2002 album, This Is Me…Then.  

Lopez certainly isn't afraid to mix it up every now and again, but she never strays too far from her signature style. Her new hair is definitely darker and richer than the golden hues she maintained previously, but the cut—long waves with face-framing layers—is much the same. J.Lo also opted for lighter, ash-brown highlights around the face, which make the change more subtle than if she'd gone all in on a more single-tone dark brown.

The Shotgun Wedding star is in her updated classic era, after all, which started with the resurrection of Bennifer. She then announced This Is Me…Now in November of 2022. “Heralding a new era of music for Jennifer Lopez, ‘This Is Me…Now’ chronicles the emotional, spiritual and psychological journey that she has taken over the past two decades,” the statement reads, per Variety. “An emotionally raw and honest project, unlike any she has produced before, she writes and sings about her life and experiences that will resonate with us all.” Slated to be released this year, This Is Me…Now will be the first full-length Jennifer Lopez album in eight years.

Originally Appeared on Glamour