Jennifer Lopez Just Wore an Over-the-Top Face Mask With a Pair of Sweatpants

Tara Gonzalez
·2 mins read


Apparently even Jennifer Lopez doesn’t get everything she wants. She and Alex Rodriguez recently withdrew their bid to buy The Mets and the couple expressed their disappointment on Instagram. Seemingly, the appropriate way to deal with getting outbid on a baseball team by a billionaire is to put on a bedazzled face mask and board your private jet out of the Hamptons. Or at least, that’s how Lopez handled it.

Lopez was seen at the Hamptons’ private airport wearing a simple pair of white sneakers with a sweatsuit and, of course, a face mask. But this face mask was unlike most face masks you see on a daily basis. Lopez’s was bedazzled and more reminiscent of what Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande wore at this year’s VMAs than your standard KN95.

The Katie May face mask is appropriately named the pink disco ball face mask and retails for just $26. It’s definitely more expensive than what you can score at Nordstrom but it’s also bedazzled and perfect for dressing up your face. If lace is more your style, the brand also makes a provocateur face mask that looks just like the fanciest bra you own. Essentially they’re face masks that work great for attending a socially distanced formal event (read: picnic) or helping get over losing a multi-billion dollar bid, if that’s the sorta thing you’re into.

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