Jennifer Lopez Is a Dunkin’ Girlie Now

It was inevitable but also seemed impossible: Jennifer Lopez Affleck is officially a Dunkin' girlie.

After dating and then finally marrying her former ex Ben Affleck, J.Lo appears to have been influenced by his uncanny obsession with the multinational coffee company.

On Tuesday, November 1, she was spotted in Los Angeles by Affleck's side. A little outing in their hometown is routine for the celeb couple, but this time things were different. Jennifer was holding not one but two beverages from Dunkin' in her triple-threat hands. Who would have thought that Jenny From the Block would be spotted double-fisting Dunkin'? Certainly not me. For the outing, she wore a white matching lounge set and a cozy knit cardigan, as well as aviator sunnies. See photos over at the Daily Mail.

Affleck, who is from Boston, is known for his loyalty to the brand, founded in his home state. Many paparazzi photos of Affleck over the years show him holding a cup and/or bag from Dunkin'.

Ben Affleck after a Dunkin' run in 2018

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - September 16, 2022

Ben Affleck after a Dunkin' run in 2018

At this point, it's shocking Affleck hasn't done an ad for the brand in the style of Nicole Kidman's AMC ad. His love for Dunkin' is contagious, apparently, seeing as noted health nut Jennifer Lopez Affleck is giving in to the temptation.

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