Jennifer Lopez Coordinated Her Mask With Two Different Outfits

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Earlier this year, our biggest fashion concerns consisted of how to wear carrot-leg jeans and whether or not we should embrace the polo shirt. But now ... because 2020, we have to ask ourselves, "Ok, where's that face mask?" It's truly the only accessory that matters as far as we're concerned, but just because it's a safety precaution doesn't mean we can't have fun with it.

Take Jennifer Lopez, for example, who owns a multi-colored design that magically coordinates with all of her outfits. As the singer and actress stepped out in New York on Sunday night, the piece provided a splash of color to her otherwise neutral ensemble, which consisted of a white tank top, baggy sweatpants from The Mayfair Group, and light brown boots. She then added a yellow pair of glasses to the look, which perfectly matched the mask's color scheme.

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Earlier in the day, Lopez paired the same mask with a tie-dye sweatsuit. This outfit, however, was a little more matchy-matchy — the mask's splash pattern and colors echoed that of the comfy set.

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Sure, it's a very 2020 problem, but we appreciate JLo for showing us how it's done, and for providing inspiration on how to match our own masks to our looks. Thankfully, stores like BaubleBar offer affordable printed options in a variety of shades, and we've even discovered a few bridal face masks to pair with a wedding dress.