Jennifer Lopez Calls This Volumizing Mascara Her “Most Important” Makeup Product — and It’s 40% Off

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It’s one of my favorites, too.

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In a recent Vogue video, Jennifer Lopez revealed the products she entrusts to create her signature J.Lo glow. The singer shared a smattering of skincare and makeup products, which just so happened to include my favorite mascara: the Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara from It Cosmetics. Now’s an excellent time to try it yourself if you haven't already; for a limited time, it’s on sale for 40 percent off.



Shop now: $16 (Originally $26);

The IT Cosmetics mascara is an ultra-buildable, super-inky mascara that loads lashes to their plumpest potential. The formula, which proves volume and length can coexist, elongates to a falsie-like degree. The product’s fiber brush head is relatively thin and slightly tapered, coating even the shortest lashes. The fibers are small and closely-packed, allowing for maximum product pickup. 

In the video, Lopez applied Superhero as the final step in her makeup routine. Once she finished everything else, she realized she’d “forgot[ten]” her mascara. (I say, she was simply saving the best for last.) “This is the most important part,” the singer said as she twisted Superhero’s shiny black tube.

J.Lo first applied Superhero along her lower lashline, where she coated her tiny hairs using short, delicate strokes. The result was impressively smudge-free for lower lashes, which are more prone to smudging due to their size. Next, Lopez swept Superhero under her top lashes, coating them in a few layers. The finished look was fluttery, flake-free, and dramatic enough for the red carpet.

I share Lopez’s apparent fondness for the product; I’ve finished more tubes of Superhero than I have of any other mascara. My 70-year-old mom, whose lashes are becoming thinner and increasingly gray, says this mascara restores what she’s losing with age. My twin sister says a few layers of Superhero makes her lashes long enough to touch her brows. She loves it so much, she snagged a tube from my personal lash stash during her last visit. She’s since assured me she’ll buy her own… So, sis: Stock up while it’s on sale. Same goes to anyone else who already loves the Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara. And, of course, to anyone who’s seeking a sultry lash look à la Jennifer Lopez. Swoop in before Superhero returns to full-price.

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