As Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Approach Their Wedding Anniversary, Source Reveals How JLo And Jennifer Garner's Relationship Has Evolved

 Jennifer Garner in The Last Thing He Told Me and Jennifer Lopez in The Mother, pictured side by side.
Jennifer Garner in The Last Thing He Told Me and Jennifer Lopez in The Mother, pictured side by side.

This July marks the first anniversary of the marriage between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, an event that saw the once and future couple seemingly fulfill their romantic destiny. To say that it was a big step for the two would be an understatement, and it was one that their fans seemed pleased with. That’s not the only relationship that’s evolved as a side effect of this coupling, though, as Lopez’s connection to Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, has allegedly been undergoing some changes as well. And the key to what’s transpired is one common thread: family.

As the timeline of Bennifer’s romance continues to be written, sources have reported that the two matriarchs have been bonding over their children. With the latest updates coming from insiders at Us Weekly, here’s what those unnamed parties have been saying about JLo and Jennifer Garner’s bonding strategy:

Over the past year or two, they’ve definitely become close and have gotten to know each other much better. Both of them are incredible mothers and always put their children’s needs first.

What’s interesting about that “year or two” timeframe that’s been mentioned above is the fact that, should that be true, the pair of Jennifers may have been connecting around the 2021 window Lopez and Ben Affleck started to be spotted together. If that’s the case, then more credit should be given to all involved, as this means that the groundwork for Bennifer 2.0 truly was an inclusive affair.

It also tracks with recent remarks that JLo made about blending the families, as her rounds promoting the Prime Video original Shotgun Wedding saw the actor beaming with pride about “the kids [moving] in together.” That happiness also extends to Jennifer Garner, as The Last Thing He Told Me star has been reported as taking the following position on family blending:

Garner respects that Lopez treats her and Ben’s kids like her own and she has every intention of doing the same.

Through Jennifer Garner’s recent Disneyland outing, we’ve already seen the actor stay true to her word. As that recent trip saw the Alias star taking both her daughter Seraphina, as well as Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, Emme, to the California entertainment destination, the spirit of family bonding is strong in the households united by the common link of Ben Affleck.

Continuing to revel in married bliss almost a year on, Ben Affleck’s relationship with his new wife only seems to grow stronger. Part of that is naturally because of how much they love each other, but it cannot be stressed enough that the evolved adult relationship between his new lady and former spouse is another key ingredient in the happiness this blended family is reportedly sharing.

Speaking of blending, this triangle of parenting power all have their own projects in the public eye at the moment. Jennifer Garner fans can see her currently in The Last Thing He Told Me, an original miniseries that’s currently streaming with an Apple TV+ subscription. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is currently brightening Netflix subscription holders’ days through her latest action film, The Mother. Also, Ben Affleck will next be seen in The Flash, which hits theaters on June 16th.