Jennifer Lopez, 54, Shares Secret to Glowing Skin in Makeup-Free Video

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Jennifer Lopez is spilling her secrets to perfect skin so her fans can look just as radiant as she does.

Her key ingredient? Sunscreen.

The Shotgun Wedding actress documented her skincare routine in a quick little get-ready-with-me video she posted to Instagram on Monday, Aug. 14.

"I'm getting ready, me bare face with no makeup and my JLo Beauty products that I use every day," Lopez began in the clip, before panning the camera to show off the full collection in front of her as proof. "I don't want people saying, 'she doesn't use her own products on her skin,' I call b------t on you right now."

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Then she grabbed the JLo Glow Serum, presented it to the camera like a tried-and-true influencer, and massaged it into her face.

Next, she applied the real magic–her sunscreen–telling viewers that she's been wearing sunscreen on her face every single day since she was in her early twenties. "You should start at a young age," she said, "[Because] there are no filters, no retouching on this video."

"Look at that," Lopez continued, smiling at her glowing reflection. "Bye, love you!"

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Her willingness to be candid continued into the caption, which read, "No filter. ALL. ME. #ThisIsMeNow at 54, glowing and happy," and also included a tagged mention of @JLoBeauty, her skin and body care brand.

The comments were filled with all sorts of takes, from people gushing over the singer, to those accusing her of misleading viewers through the use of "special lighting" and plastic surgeons.

Opinions aside, the tip she shared–to apply sunscreen regularly, even in the winter–is legit. Sunscreen is the closest thing science has to the fountain of youth, and it works by preventing sun damage and skin cancer.

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