Jennifer Lawrence's hair has a glaring mistake in 'Red Sparrow' — and only female reviewers are noticing it

People are stupefied by how Jennifer Lawrence goes from dark hair to platinum blond with just one box of color in <em>Red Sparrow</em>. (Photo: 20th Century Fox)
People are stupefied by how Jennifer Lawrence goes from dark hair to platinum blond with just one box of color in Red Sparrow. (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Going to a professional colorist is always best, but sometimes people still take a shot at dyeing their own hair. And the way Jennifer Lawrence does it in the new thriller Red Sparrow has many people thinking that her at-home hair-coloring efforts were “completely inaccurate.”

Many have called out a specific moment in Red Sparrow when Lawrence dyes her hair from dark brown to platinum blond. The baffling issue with this scene is that she miraculously gets the dye job done with only one box of dye and without wearing any gloves. To make matters worse, she then goes swimming in a chlorinated pool.

One reviewer, who also happens to be a digital beauty editor at Allure, took to Twitter in a post that has gained hundreds of likes and lots of retweets:

The chatter surrounding Lawrence’s odd dye job didn’t stop at one post. Others joined in on the conversation, posting about how dissatisfying the stunt was with commentary such as, “the most unrealistic thing about red sparrow was when jennifer lawrence’s character went from brunette to blonde in one sitting.”

Yahoo Lifestyle caught up with hair colorist Raluca Dobos of Butterly Studio in New York to find out just how unusual Lawrence’s hair-coloring scene was. When asked if one box of color would be enough to get the job done, Dobos responded, “Absolutely not; the process involves lightener, followed by toner, gloss, or color. It’s called a double process and cannot be achieved with one box of color.”

Another New York-based hairstylist, Monae Everett, advises that the first step has a lot to do with decolorizing or bleaching the hair to remove all of the brown and warmth from the strands. “In order to go blond, the hair must be lightened through brown, red, orange, and yellow stages,” she explains. “Normally this takes one or two bleaching sessions, and at least three to four hours before you can add the platinum blond color.”

In essence, to go from dark brown to platinum blond is actually a rather lengthy process and can take hours to complete. “This is definitely an in-salon process that could take a few applications,” Dobos explains to Yahoo Lifestyle. “The process can be damaging if the technician is not careful. You have to make sure you have a strong consultation with your tech ensuring you fully understand the process.”

Additionally, the chances of Lawrence swimming in chlorine right after having her hair dyed and having the hue last are slim to none in real life. “Because hair is porous, it can become a green tone when submerged in a chlorinated pool,” says Dobos. “The chlorine buildup will also leave the hair dry and brittle.”

In a nutshell, Lawrence’s hair-coloring scene could have been reworked a little, or maybe a lot — but hey, anything goes on the big screen, right?

As previously pointed out by Vogue, Lawrence has had many hair transformations. In The Hunger Games, she had braided dark brown hair, and in Serena, her character wore a sultry blond ’60s wave. It’s safe to say, this leading lady sure knows how to get into character, but maybe film writers need a better lesson in beauty?

What hair look do you think we will see her in next? Sound off below.

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