Jennifer Garner Is a Sunscreen Devotee, So It's No Wonder She Looks Flawless at 48

Kelsey Hurwitz
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Few people manage to look great over Zoom, and Jennifer Garner is one of them. When she logs onto our video call, her skin is literally glowing. So of course, I ask for Garner's skincare routine and the secrets to achieving a similar glow. "Your skin is great," Garner tells me, "but if I could offer one piece of advice, it is that nothing looks better in your 50s than sunscreen in your 20s."

I have to admit that my brain went a little fuzzy after she praised my complexion, but Garner's note about SPF manages to stick long after the interview ends. Maybe it's because she isn't the first person to tout the preservative powers of a good sunscreen routine. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, sunscreen can decrease your risk of skin cancers and pre-cancers, and can also help prevent premature skin aging including wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. So wearing your SPF all the time — not just a trip to the beach — is crucial. "Even if you think you're just going to the mailbox, you may stay out there for 30 minutes, you may go for a walk, so you've gotta wear your sunscreen," Garner says.

Photo credit: Steve Granitz
Photo credit: Steve Granitz

And when you see Garner's skin — which looks clear, luminous, and soft — you think twice about your lack of a true sunscreen habit. Sun protection may have a million and one benefits — lowering your risk of skin cancer is a big one — but if the underlying bonus is the promise of skin like Garner's, you become a Sunscreen Woman.

Of course, it takes more than just sunscreen to reach Garner's level of skin perfection. The actress, who is a brand ambassador for Neutrogena, says she likes to keep her routine low-key, and sticks to simple things like wearing SPF, getting her body moving each day, and removing her makeup before bed. She also swears by Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair retinol oil, which she uses nightly.

"Someday somebody will tell you the only way to change your skin is with retinol, and you'll have a billion questions," Garner says. "You might try some fancy retinol from your dermatologist, and your face will turn like a tomato bright red and get really annoyed. And they'll say you can only use it a couple times a week, and you'll be like 'What is this stuff?'"

But Garner says the Rapid Wrinkle Repair is a completely different retinol experience. "This oil is hydrating, it's gentle, you can use it every night and it changes your skin," she says. "It really does work." And with a face like that, I believe her.

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