Jennifer Garner Made a Cooking Video, But All Anyone Cared About Was Her Portable Light

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  • Jennifer Garner recently posted another one of her "Pretend Cooking Show" videos on Instagram—and it's everything.

  • This time, the 51-year-old star made brown butter and sage pasta—with the aforementioned sage hailing from her garden. And as she walked out to harvest them, eagle-eyed fans noticed that she didn't use a beat-up 'ol flashlight.

  • Instead, she used a swanky-looking portable LED lamp. And I know just where to find it—plus some more affordable dupes.

As far as I'm concerned, Jennifer Garner can do no wrong. Until nearly a week ago, when the 51-year-old star and mother posted a video of herself quite literally foraging fresh ingredients for a homemade pasta recipe, we simply thought of her as an actress. Now, she’s basically a chef, gardener, and storyteller. (Just be sure to listen to her Instagram with sound.)

Here’s the thing: I love a good bowl of freshly prepared pasta as much as anyone. But, as a design editor, I was paying as much attention to her kitchen and garden as we were to the spaghetti twirl. As any pasta aficionado knows, the dish isn’t complete without fresh herbs, and for Garner’s creation, she opted for sage straight from her garden. It was quite dark out when Garner headed to her greenhouse, so she used a portable lantern to light the way, and, let us just say, I wasn't the only one who felt like I needed it too. The comments were full of fans asking where they could find one of their very own. A little design detective work has me pretty darn sure it's Menu's Carrie Portable LED lamp.

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I may not be using one to cut herbs in my greenhouse while I cook freshly prepared spaghetti, but a portable light does come in handy—especially now that summer is around the corner and backyard gatherings extend late into the night. A lamp like this is much more stylish than a flashlight or the traditional lanterns you may remember from childhood camping trips in the woods. The only potential issue is the price; a Menu similar to the lamp Garner's holding goes for $269.95. If that's not in your herb-foraging-tools budget, you may not be out of luck!

There are quite a few more affordable options that look as good as their light is bright. If you want to get ready for summer in style, peep a few of our picks below, find a favorite, and let there be light.

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