Jennifer Garner just went completely makeup-free, proving she really is 13 Going On 30

If I look half as good as Jennifer Garner at 50 years old, me (and my very expensive skincare routine) will be laughing – especially as we know the anti-aging effects a good moisturiser and a retinol serum can work.

Now, to prove said anti-aging abilities, Jen took to her main Instagram grid just short of 24 hours ago with a 'What’s In My Bag: Holiday Travel Edition' reel. Side note: did anyone else binge these sorts of videos back in the heyday of YouTube circa 2012? Just me? OK.

But I digress, for as much as we loved peaking inside the handbag of a world-renowned actor, the one thing we immediately noticed was her makeup-free face. I mean, she looks *exactly* the same as she did back in 2004! 13 Going On 30 is really proving itself to be true here... Jenna Rink, forever in our hearts.

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Isn't she just ✨glowing✨?!

At my time of writing, Jen's post has 254,179 likes and 4344 comments but there's no doubt this number will just keep on growing.

As an eagle-eyed viewer, in her bag – amongst a Twix chocolate bar and some drugstore reading glasses (relatable, much?) – I spied a couple of essential beauty products. Seemingly, she cannot go anywhere (read: "a road trip with three kids") without an eye pencil sharpener! Oh, and the last (but certainly not least!) product she shares is 'lip stuff', which I will assume is a balm.

Not only is she providing the laughs but some much-needed beauty recs! We thank you, Jen.

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