Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Wellness Weapons


Actress Jennifer Aniston says that it’s easier to embrace flaws than to fight them: “I have a scar on my nose and that’s beautiful.” (Photo: Corbis)

Balance. It’s an idea that is downright daunting when it comes to keeping up a half-decent fitness and beauty regimen in a crazy-busy life. But Jennifer Aniston, 46, has nailed it — regularly incorporating everything from Bloody Marys to Transcendental Meditation into her frenetic schedule.

“You have to think about the long run and bigger picture,” Aniston tells Yahoo Health about her approach to wellness. “We have a choice. We can be really good all the time and be around for a really long time. But it also feels good when you give yourself some breaks and self-tending.”

Amen, sister.

Her realistic, relatable attitude is a big reason the actress is so adored. Consider her take on unrealistically curated social media feeds, for instance. “Things can look picture perfect, and it just isn’t that way,” she says.

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Aniston (whose next film is Mean Moms, out in 2016) often finds that the most beautiful moments in life happen when she least expects them — like when she’s hanging with her beloved dogs.

“Every morning I get to take them on a walk, and it’s just never the same morning. Something will surprise you as if you’re seeing it for the first time every day,” she says. “It’s also about the flaws. … The more we love what is natural and beautiful, the easier it is for us as women.”

Here, Yahoo Health asks Aniston — who’s a spokesperson for Aveeno and the brand’s new Unscripted Beauty social media campaign — how she maintains a healthy mind and body, plus, the beauty and exercise hacks she turns to while traveling.

What are some airplane drinks and snacks you pack or pick up? 

Water, water, water, on an airplane. If there is a drink happening, it’s usually a Bloody Mary, which I don’t ever order [except] when I’m on an airplane. I usually bring my own lunch of a packed salad just in case they don’t have something I want. I get nervous about ordering fish on an airplane — it’s terrible for the guy next to you! The smell just lingers and you’re like “Sorry! So sorry. The fish was a terrible choice.”

How do you stay motivated to work out on the road?

I will bring a DVD of something like my friend Mandy Ingber’s yoga or Cardio Barre, where I hold onto a chair and do the moves. I might bring [resistance] bands, which I put on my legs around my knees and do different leg exercises. Or I might find a great gym wherever I am. I am a runner, but sadly right now have a hip injury.

Do you prefer to work out with other people or solo?

Both! I love the energy of a class. I have a great [home] gym with a ballet barre and will sometimes have two or three girlfriends come over and do a class, that’s fun. But mostly, I pretty much like to be left alone, put my earphones on, and get in the zone.

Do you have any go-to stress-reducing practices — things you do to chill out?

Massages are amazing. I also do Transcendental Meditation morning and afternoon. It’s so helpful to me, especially in this crazy industry.

I love an infrared sauna. A girlfriend turned me onto it, and I ordered one online. When I was building my new house it had a sauna and we turned into an infrared. The health benefits — like detox, relaxation, weight loss — are amazing. I usually do it after I work out, which is five to six times a week. I’ll bring a script in, so I’m also getting work done.

If you only have a small piece of luggage, what are your skincare essentials?

Some makeup wipes, whatever serum I’m using that week or month, and my Living Proof goodies.

Also, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion — I have to have that on an airplane. And Aveeno 30 SPF sunscreen. I actually don’t leave the house without that. I even have a bottle in the car.

You travel a ton. Any jet-lag cures you’ve discovered?

When you land after a long, long flight, go hit the gym and do a 30-minute run. It has worked for me — when I’ve actually had the energy to go and do it!

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