Jennifer Aniston Is Throwing Out Everything She Knows About Dieting & Fitness

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Jennifer Aniston Still 'Indulges' With Her DietZOEY GROSSMAN

Contrary to, ahem, Kate Moss's beliefs back in the '90s, plenty of things taste better than how skinny feels. Jennifer Aniston agrees.

The iconic Friends star—who has long been a role model of cleaning eating and exercise—says you still need to "have a good time and indulge."

While speaking with PEOPLE, Aniston got real about burn out and her new relationship with low-impact workouts. The Morning Show actress ditched her previous cardio routine after Covid and picked up Pvolve instead. In the process, she's also learned the importance of still having fun with food.

"It's just calories in, calories out, nutrition, what are you feeding your body? Don't eat crap. You've got to get the right amount of sleep. You've got to drink tons and tons and tons of water," she told the outlet. "You also have to give yourself the 20% of fun and gluttony and have a good time and indulge. For me, I couldn't do that saintly, never go off the rails or deviate from the plan of perfect wellness because I like to enjoy myself."

While Aniston's relationship with food has certainly evolved, she learned to "no longer be afraid of the bread basket" years ago.

"You're told to avoid fried foods, but I don't always. I had Mexican the other night and ate everything you can imagine," she told InStyle back in 2012."[I] started to give myself a break, allowing [myself] to have pasta, a sandwich."

According to Aniston, it's all about moderation. "There’s something my body appreciates about [having carbs], like, ‘Oh, thank you! Why are you depriving me of things I love?'" she said.

Just earlier this week, she was announced as an official Pvolve brand partner. The exercise program utilizes functional movement with resistance-based equipment for sculpting and strengthening, and includes on-demand, streaming, and in-person classes.

"Our minds used to think, we have to hurt; no pain, no gain. It has to be an hour of a workout. You have to work out three times a day. With this, you can start gentle,” she told the outlet. "My girlfriend transformed her entire body, and it just had such a beautiful snowball effect in so many positive areas of her life."

And just like her clean-eating breaks, Aniston says that if she doesn't feel like working out...she doesn't.

"I just want more people to know about it because I think it's so good," Aniston said of the Pvolve program. "Especially as we get into our lovely older periods, we have to keep it exciting. And we have to be kinder to our bodies."

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