Jennifer Aniston opened up about her relationship with Brad Pitt now

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Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston has spoken out about her relationship with former husband Brad Pitt, giving us all the insight we've been waiting for since the pair shared a cosy reunion at The Sag Awards in January last year. I mean, we all remember that hand hold...

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show the Friends star was asked about the now infamous table read of September 2020, in which the exes were reunited to read lines for Dane Cook Presents Feelin' A-Live: A Virtual Table Read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High (quite the mouthful).

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When the pair both appeared on camera and Pitt greeted her with a simple, "Hi Aniston," and fans went absolutely wild, of course. With just those two words Twitter lost it and Instagram was churning out Brad and Jen memes at an astonishing rate.

During the recent interview Stern asked Aniston about that moment, probing, "Wasn't that awkward for you?"

"No!" Aniston responded. "It was absolutely fun. You know, Brad and I are buddies. Like, we're friends and we speak.

"There's no oddness at all," she added, "except for everyone that probably watched it and was wanting there to be."

Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

With a Brad and Jen reunion seemingly very much off the table Stern asked Aniston if she was seeing anyone since her split from ex-husband Justin Theroux back in 2018.

She explained that while she isn't currently seeing anyone she is "of course open to it," but that you wouldn't catch her on celebrity dating app Raya anytime soon.

"There's nothing anonymous about it and I wouldn't do that," she explained. "I don't want to do that and I don't need to do that. I'm all good. I'm doing just fine."

If we're being honest we're still holding out for an Aniston x Schwimmer love story...
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