Jennifer Aniston’s Diet Secret to Staying Thin and in Shape


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Jennifer Aniston has it all. Sparkling smile. Flawless body. Flowing tresses. Hot husband. A chicken coop in her $21 million dollar California mansion. But “it all” comes with hard work. To get that body, she follows a healthy diet of organic fruits and vegetables, stays hydrated (she’s a brand ambassador for Smartwater), and has a fitness plan of yoga and cardio workouts. The hair is the work of the skilled hands of her hairstylist Chris McMillan. And the chicken coop? That takes regular tending and an organized fencing system to keep the chicks from the hens.

Aniston spoke with Yahoo Food about the diet and health plan it takes to keep her glamorous homestead well-fed. The actress, whose currently filming the war drama, “The Yellow Birds,” also revealed her true feelings about caviar, and what vegetable you’ll never find in her refrigerator.

New Year’s is a time when a lot of people either make resolutions or try new diets. What’s your diet philosophy in general?

I don’t let eating habits get out of control where I need a reset button. My general philosophy is to eat healthy. It’s pretty clear: eat as much organic fruits and veggies as you can, keep sugar [intake] low, drink tons and tons of water, and get good sleep.

I allow myself to indulge once in a while. I’m good at keeping my starches to a minimum. I don’t like ‘white’ foods, and I’ll always cut back on some breads if I’m trying to slim down for something special. But I don’t give myself any rules anymore.

What are your healthy refrigerator staples?

I always have cut raw vegetables in a Tupperware container. Hard-boiled eggs are always great to have in the fridge, as well as a big head of butter lettuce. I also include protein, such as pulled chicken.

Are there any foods you consider forbidden?

Beets are not in our refrigerator, I’m not a fan. And you won’t find caviar. Nope, you can’t acquire that taste no matter how many people say that. It’s just a s***** taste.

What are your go-to recipes you and your husband, Justin Theroux, make at home?

Justin and I both love to tinker in the kitchen. We make a pasta carbonara that’s so easy. We have eggs from our chickens, and then we make it ‘skinny style’ where we use turkey bacon instead of real bacon, eggs, and parmesan. No oil, butter or creams. And we use pasta water to make it juicier. Justin’s great at making breakfast. He makes a great huevos rancheros, which I’m fortunate to be at the end off.

Hold on, you have your own chickens at your house?

We have a chicken coop. We inherited it with the property when we bought it. We have about 15 chickens in the backyard. For holidays, we’ve received 6 or 8 baby chicks over the last two years. They’re adorable. You have to separate them for the big kids. You have to create a little fence between the babies [and the adults], because the grown-ups are nasty, until they mature. To go in and pick the eggs is super fun. We feed them in the mornings. They love rice. My friends’ kids come over, and they can pick the eggs, too. It’s a fun thing we do.

People try a lot of crazy or trendy diets around this time, like the Taco Cleanse.

There’s a taco cleanse? No way!

Yes, way. Have you ever tried a fad diet, even one from back in the day?

Sure, the Grapefruit Diet. I think there was a watermelon one, and if you just think about it for two seconds, if anyone just lives on watermelon, you’re going to lose weight. But the taco one I’m riveted by… I can see that being something.

I did do Nutri-System, like, 20 years ago, that actually worked. It just happens to be astronaut food, but it still worked.

So, awards season is upon us. How do you prepare for looking your best on the red carpet, in terms of food and nutrition? Do you cut back on certain foods around that time?

If anything, my exercise usually increases a little bit, and I keep the sodium super low. But again, because my diet’s good all year round, I don’t do a big reset.

If you’re not attending awards shows, such as the Golden Globes on Sunday, what do you serve at your house during your own viewing parties?

When there’s a big group, we do a vegetable lasagna. You have zucchini, eggplant that acts as a paste, and you layer it with different cheeses and put it in the oven. That’s an easy group meal, and easy viewing party food. Pizza is usually a fun one, too, and everyone can participate and make their own pizzas. And I have a candy jar that people devour.

Do guests usually bring food as well?

I have one friend that brings sweets and dessert, other people bring wine. One year, a friend brought all of the pizza dough that we used for the party, so that was fun.

Finally, you’re an ambassador for Smartwater, which recently released its new sparkling version. Similar to coffee, people have a specific way they ‘take’ their water —ice cold, room temperature, splash of lemon. How do you take your water?

I usually like it flat, and I like it cold. I’m not a room temperature girl. With my sparkling water, I put it on ice, and add Stevia drops if I want to add flavor. They have flavors like coffee, root beer, lemon or orange. Even cola! I mix it all up, and make healthy carbonated drinks.

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