Jenna Fischer's streamlined 'appliance garage' is the secret to clutter-free countertops

 Jenna Fischer.
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The appeal behind appliance garages is understandable. These spaces offer places to hide those everyday kitchen essentials (be that a toaster or smoothie maker) that, for whatever reason, we may want to keep out of sight.

Whether used for aesthetic or practical reasons, appliance garages are no new phenomenon in the world of kitchen organization, but Jenna Fischer has just reminded us precisely why this feature is likely set to stand the test of time.

Jenna, known for her portrayal of Pam Beesly on The Office, offered a look inside her Glendale, California kitchen, and, while her all white kitchen palette is worth an honorable mention, her appliance garage (seen to the left of the actress) is the stand-out feature in her space.

It's worth noting that, aside from cookbooks and a fruit bowl, Jenna's kitchen countertops are entirely free from appliances and accessories, and we would say her appliance garage has something to do with this minimalist result.

'One of the primary benefits of having an appliance garage in your kitchen is the ability to keep your countertops clear and uncluttered,' agrees kitchen expert Daniel P. Craig.

'This not only enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen but also provides you with ample workspace for food preparation. As a chef, having a clutter-free environment is essential for efficient cooking and a visually pleasing kitchen.'

While streamlined countertops are one way to ensure our kitchen impresses in the way it looks, Daniel reminds us that appliance garages have their practical benefits, too. Not least, they enhance how organized our spaces feel – allowing our gadgets and appliances to remain easily accessible when needed and hidden from view when not in use.

'This level of organization can significantly streamline your cooking process and save you precious time,' he says. Plus, hiding appliances away may just improve their lifespan, too.

Appliance garage in a kitchen
Appliance garage in a kitchen

'Small kitchen appliances can be susceptible to dust, dirt, and humidity when left on countertops or exposed shelves. By keeping them in an appliance garage, you are protecting your valuable appliances from these elements, which can extend their lifespan and save you money on replacements.'

And Daniel is not exclusive in his observations. Jessica Brugger, the principal and owner of Dwell Well Design Company, adds that appliance garages have an ever-popular place in contemporary kitchen design – adding that modern garages (such as those with a small double cabinet door opening or flat front) are especially likely to endure over coming years.

'The ultimate balance in the kitchen is a high level of functionality as well as visual appeal,' she says.

'We want these spaces to be easy to work in but also create a visually stunning show in our home. The new Appliance garage gives you a way to achieve both of those things. They are perfect for the toaster or coffee maker. You use these small appliances daily, but ideally, don't want them visible on the counter at all times.'

We're taking this as our cue to be that little bit more organized in our kitchens, and whether we have an appliance garage or not, these designer-approved storage containers will help to keep things tidy.

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Naturally, we're also using this as our reminder to re-watch The Office (on Amazon Prime) because it's what Jenna Fischer would want, surely.