Jenna Bush Hager Shows Off Her Singing Skills With Rendition of 'The Little Mermaid' Classic

She doesn't quite know the words, though.

Things went a little sideways on a recent telecast of The Today Show, leading co-host Jenna Bush Hager to treat her colleagues and viewers alike with a little ditty.

While chatting with Willie Geist, who was filling in for Hoda Kotb, Hager was distracted by a fork on the table before her, picking it up and immediately launching into a rendition of "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.

The show shared a clip of the moment on Instagram, where the host holds out the fork in the direction of her partner, singing, "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?" over whatever he was already saying.

She pauses for a moment, waiting for his reaction, when he asks, "Remember yesterday, we talked about singing lessons?"

"Wouldn't you think the collection's complete?" she finishes, fumbling the lyrics, without acknowledging the barb.

"That was actually pretty good," he says. The compliment shocks her.

"It was?!" she asks, looking directly into the camera with a surprised smile.

The clip then morphs into another, where Geist's hand can be seen holding a microphone up to Hager's mouth. She launches back into the song, seemingly surprising him.

"Wait, is that what it was for?" he asks off-camera as she starts combing the fork through her hair, getting a different lyric wrong when she sings, "Wouldn't you say my collection's complete?"

"Is that for singing?" Geist asks again, while Hager says, "Do ya'll want me to-"

But they weren't asking for a musical performance at all. Hager's mic had gone bad, so she had to hold the handheld for the rest of the show.

A few viewers found the bit funny, but it turned out to be a somewhat controversial segment to most commenters.

"She is very nice but someone who loves her needs to tell her she really can't sing!" one wrote emphatically.

"Oh I think she is funny, there go the haters again, I wonder how the haters sound like singing, maybe better," one defended.

Based on the jokes about singing lessons, it doesn't seem like Hager thinks she's giving a world-class performance up there, but she's definitely having fun with it!

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