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Jeans for women in a yellow background
Jeans for women in a yellow background

Are you ready to upgrade your closet with the most flattering women’s jeans of 2022? Whether for a casual outing with friends or a special date night, we can help you find the most comfortable yet fashionable go-to options anybody can look and feel great in.

Even today, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be overwhelming because not every brand, cut and style looks flattering on everybody. So how do you know what style is most suitable for you and how do you choose the one that perfectly fits your body type? Well, look no further because we are here to help you! After thorough research of market trends and customer reviews, we’ve put together our list of the leading jeans for women in 2022. So take a look and pick your favorite!

Top Picks

Best Overall: Levi's women's high rise skinny jeans

These Skinny Jeans for women come with a zipper closure
These Skinny Jeans for women come with a zipper closure

We bet you will feel your flirtiest in this pair of high-rise Levis! These skinny high-rise jeans sit perfectly above the waist, flattering your hips and thighs and bringing out your inner gossip girl. Available in 36 creative and trendy colors, this pick offers three different fit options: standard, skinny and plus-size. From camo prints to ripped designs, you will undoubtedly find the perfect pair for you. The fabric is soft to touch and stretchy, making you feel more relaxed and comfortable while still looking fierce. If you are on the shorter side, these jeans are a great option to make your legs look longer, and the high-rise waistline pairs well with crop tops, tank tops, button-down shirts, and most blouses. Thanks to all the brand's top-of-the-line features and versatility, we had no problem awarding these women's jeans Best Overall.

Key Features:

  • 73% Cotton, 19% polyester, 7% modal and 1% elastane

  • standard, slim, skinny, and plus-size

  • Waistline front rise: 10-inches

  • Zipper closure

Best relaxed fit: Resfeber women's ripped boyfriend jeans

Environmental friendly washing procedures with biodegradable fabric content to protect our planet
Environmental friendly washing procedures with biodegradable fabric content to protect our planet

Boyfriend jeans are leading the trends these days. So if you're someone who loves experimenting with boyfriend cuts or prefers a relaxed fit, we think this pair will be your new favorite! Available in more than 15 fashionable distressed styles, colors, and washes, this pick makes finding your favorite new pair of jeans easy, whether you like distressed denim or traditional styles that gracefully hug your curves. Once you feel the denim's high-quality soft fabric, they will instantly be your new favorite pair of jeans. This boyfriend style and design is the perfect way to elongate the body and make you look beautiful and feel confident. The best part is these jeans are manufactured with pure cotton and biodegradable fabric, promoting environmentally friendly living.

Key Features:

  • Machine washable

  • Front zipper closure

  • Relaxed fit

Most trending: WallFlower women's bootcut jeans

There is a single coin pocket and 4 functional normal-sized pockets where you can safely store and easily access your keys, phone, wallet, or other daily essentials
There is a single coin pocket and 4 functional normal-sized pockets where you can safely store and easily access your keys, phone, wallet, or other daily essentials

These jeans will softly hug every one of your curves and prevent gapping with its mid-rise contour waistband, allowing nothing but confidence when sitting. While bootcut jeans are typically associated with retro style, they will never go out of fashion and are great for pairing with the right heels. And the best thing? You never have to worry about not getting your favorite jeans in your favorite color when it's available in more than 30 colors! So what are you waiting for? Go check out the collection and place your order now!

Key Features:

  • 78% cotton, 21% polyester, and 1% spandex

  • Double-button closure

  • Mid-rise contour waistband

Most comfortable: No Nonsense women's jean leggings

With the look of denim and the total comfort of leggings, these jeggings feature authentic jean styling with faux front pockets, faux fly, and real back pockets
With the look of denim and the total comfort of leggings, these jeggings feature authentic jean styling with faux front pockets, faux fly, and real back pockets

Do you look for both comfort and style in a pair of jeans? If yes, go for these high-quality jean leggings. Easy to wear and maintain, they would make you sit the entire day comfortably, unlike a pair of stiff denim. This slim and flattering fit has faux front pockets but functional back pockets with gold topstitching. These super soft and super stretchable leggings make it easy to dress up or dress down any time of the day and go perfectly with a long shirt and ballet flats. And guess what? Its no-show coverage hides panty lines, so go ahead and wear your most comfortable pair of granny panties with confidence. What else could you ask for?

Key Features:

  • Functional back pockets

  • Pull-on closure

  • No-show coverage

Most versatile: Gloria Vanderbilt women's high rise jean

Classic high-rise taper jean sits at the natural waist with functional pockets, easy zipper fly and belt loops for the fit you love
Classic high-rise taper jean sits at the natural waist with functional pockets, easy zipper fly and belt loops for the fit you love

Fashion comes and goes, but high-rise denim is forever. These flattering high-waist tapered jeans are a classic yet modern solution to your styling needs. Available in various trending washes and colors, this pair rests perfectly at the natural waistline and comes with functional pockets and belt loops. In addition, it has a versatile fit making it easy to pair it with your favorite worn-out t-shirt and tennis shoes or your formal button-downs and high heels. Most importantly, its high-quality fabric and perfect fit accentuate your curves, making you the talk of the town. Who wouldn't want a pair of these to keep in their wardrobe?

Key Features:

  • 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex

  • 31-inch average inseam & 15-inch leg opening

  • Five functional pockets

Buying guide: Jeans for women

Buying a pair of women's jeans is no easy task, but for starters, you should know what styles flatter your body type and what doesn't. For example, skinny denim styles look chicer on long and lean legs, while women with more curves generally prefer mom jeans or boyfriend fits.

So, what's your body type? Do you know what looks good on you? If not, we are here to help. Read on to our complete buying guide, where we reveal all our tips and tricks to buy the best jeans for women, and you will leave here knowing the most flattering style for your body type.

What factors should you look for when buying a pair of women’s jeans?

Know your rise

With styles like high-rise, low-rise, skinny fits, boyfriend jeans, and flared jeans, you should do some research to pick the one that naturally flatters your body type and personal style. For example, if you are a '90s enthusiast, a low-rise and maybe a boot-cut style will make you happy. Whereas, if you are into a more classic, sleek look, you should consider trying a pair of jeans featuring high-rise waistlines. When in doubt, go for mid-rises as they sit perfectly in line with or below your navel to play it safe. Keep in mind that different brands may have different sizes, so always refer to the sizing chart it provides and select your size accordingly.


Jeans come in different fabrics and washes, so knowing the best denim fabric that's comfortable to wear and washable is essential. Cotton denim is the most famous for its durability and high-quality softness that feels so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing jeans and not your pajamas. Polyester is another common material found in jeans because it is known to preserve the actual color of the denim. Besides that, look for a stretchable and soft pair of jeans that bends with you. Of course, you can always read online reviews to get a better understanding of which jean material is most suitable for you.

Design and details

If you prefer jeans with a relaxed fit, go for a bootcut style or boyfriend's jeans because they provide style without feeling restricted or too tight. Also, if you have an eye for detailing and care for aesthetics, pick jeans with elements, such as tapes, rips, embellishments, tassels, etc., to add a unique vibe to your outfit. Finally, to get a more versatile and vintage look, you can go for a distressed faded wash and dark blue shades of denim.


If you don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort in cleaning your jeans, go for a high-quality pair that is machine washable, and don’t wash them for at least three weeks. If you want to preserve the actual color of your jeans, make sure to use laundry detergents that prevent fading of dark clothes.

Don't skip the product description

Nothing can help you more than carefully reading the product description when searching for the best denim. It will give the exact idea of how the jeans would look on you ( straight, skinny, or relaxed), and don't forget to zoom in on the pictures to get a clear idea of the fit. In addition, you'll get information about the model's height and the denim material at the bottom of the description to help you determine which size is most suitable for you.

How much should you spend on a pair of jeans?

Since the market is saturated with low-quality and cheap denim, how much should you plan on spending on a long-lasting pair of women's jeans? Honestly, shop what your budget allows. With that being said, don't compromise high-quality fabric that will cost a little more initially because it will remain a staple in your wardrobe for many years. After all, quality is what we all seek. While you can spend hundreds of dollars on jeans, we reviewed some of the top choices of denim fanatics and noticed that a good pair of denim would cost you anywhere between $15-$80.

How to measure your jeans size?

Here's a step-by-step process to measure your size for buying a pair of jeans with a perfect fit:

Measure your waist: Take a tape measure and softly bend it around your waist. Make sure you place it against your skin to get accurate measurements. For a low-rise type, place your tape three to four inches or more below the navel, while for mid-rises, it should be around the navel. If you wish to buy high-rise jeans, you'll want to measure just at the navel or two inches above it. Make sure not to pull the tape too tightly around your waist, as you would want a pair that fits comfortably.

Take your inseam measurements: Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart, and start measuring from your crotch seam to the bottom of your leg (usually to the bottom of the ankle). Make sure to measure your legs after putting on shoes to know your desired length. Many brands offer denim in standard waist sizes and different length options. So it can be tricky to find your fit, but once you have your measurements recorded, cross-check with the jeans you'd like to buy. For this, read the product description carefully.

Consult size charts: Different brands have their own size charts. Some consider their sizing in inches (e.g., 30, 32, 34), while others favor numbers (e.g., 9, 10, 11), which can be confusing for you. But, most of them measure on waist and inseam size, so that's something you can rely on. When shopping online, make sure to check your recorded measurements with their dimensions and make your purchase accordingly.

Pro tip: If you already have your favorite pair of perfectly-fitting jeans, you can take its measurements just like the process explained above. You can consider them as a guide for other brands.

People also asked

Q: Which is the best brand for women's jeans?

A: The best brand for women's jeans solely depends on your style. What fits your shape and suits your body type is the best brand for you.

Q: How to pick the best denim for curvy women?

A: Although it's a personal choice, go for types of denim that best accentuate your features, making you look chic and confident in your skin.

Q. What jeans are great for skinny people?

A: If you are not comfortable showing your skinny legs, wide-leg jeans, mom jeans and boot cuts would be great options. However, go for skinny high-rise jeans to flex your toned legs.

Q. What is the newest denim style?

A: High-waisted jeans, super baggy style, straight-leg fits, and light-shaded jeans are all the rage these days. Two-toned jeans with ripped style are also trending.

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