'Jealous' Cat Throws Up Immediately After Meeting Family's New Baby in Viral TikTok

A reaction no one saw coming, we're sure.

Introducing your newborn to your pets is rarely ever without its quirks, but one cat made quite a dramatic first impression when she met her baby sister.

TikTok user Cayden Cazier captured the moment his cat, Fefe, met his newborn daughter, and gee, the internet sure is happy Cazier was recording because upon meeting the family's new baby, Fefe immediately threw up. A reaction no one saw coming, we're sure.

Before the action plays out, a voice-over explains, “We were so excited to introduce our newborn to our cat, then this happened.”

In the clip–which you can watch on TikTok here–Fefe meanders over to the baby, who is all snuggled up in a blanket and comfy in her car seat on the floor of the family's home, seemingly to check her out.

After Fefe gives the baby a few good sniffs, she slowly backs away from the carrier and scurries in the opposite direction toward a dark room. The camera follows Fefe, who eventually begins gagging, and soon after, viewers can hear someone say, "Are you kidding me? She’s about to throw up."

And they were right–Fefe was "worried sick."

The first-time parents who filmed the whole thing, Cayden and Katiespoke with TODAY about the initial introduction and the progress Fefe has made in the weeks since.

“In the months leading up to the birth, Fefe was obsessed with all the baby things we were bringing into the house,” Cayden, 26, told the outlet. “We’d find her jumping in the bassinet and crib. And she’s a really sweet, good-natured cat, so we were really excited about the introduction.”

The Utah-based couple welcomed their daughter Maeve on Nov. 7, 2022, and Cayden shared the now-viral TikTok video just a few days later on Nov. 11.

Cayden noted that he and his wife were initially concerned about how Fefe would react to the baby, given that she wasn't too fond of the family dog, Griffin, when they first brought him home. “She wasn’t too thrilled when we brought Griffin home,” Cayden recalled. “Fefe doesn’t like to share attention.”

Despite the rough start, it looks like time was all Fefe needed. Now, two months later, the sight of Maeve no longer makes her want to hurl.

“We think she was jealous and had a stress response,” Cayden explained. “It definitely took her a while to come around, but now if we’re holding Maeve on the couch, Fefe will come and sit with us now. She’s definitely made some progress.”