Jazz Jennings, Selena Gomez and Chrissy Teigen were among the celebs publicly embracing their scars in 2020

Nearly a decade ago, Tina Fey spoke publicly about her own facial scar, and how it led to many of her scenes in 30 Rock being shot from an angle that would minimize its appearance. Just this year, talk-show host Wendy Williams was under fire for publicly mocking Joaquin Phoenix’s lip scar. That said, many celebrities in 2020 have decided that enough is enough, publicly embracing their scars despite any criticism. In powerful moves toward body acceptance and positivity, stars like Amy Schumer, Jazz Jennings, Chrissy Teigen and more have taken to social media to proudly flaunt the scars they’ve acquired in life in hopes that might once and for all normalize imperfection.

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