Javier Bardem Reveals a Surprisingly Uncomfortable 'Dune' Filming Issue

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SPANISH ACTOR JAVIER Bardem needs little introduction. The Oscar-winning actor has had an illustrious career spanning three decades, starring in critically acclaimed films like No Country for Old Men, Skyfall, and mother!. Before the release of his newest film, Dune: Part Two, Bardem participated in Men's Health's "Don't Read the Comments."

While shooting Dune, Bardem says a major problem was the heat. And since "fremen don't sweat," he had to be in shape to make the film—or face major issues while shooting in the film's heavy costumes (literally, not metaphorically). He also had to be fit for one of Dune: Part Two's most anticipated moments: the sandworm ride. Bardem says production built out a whole set on the back of the sandworm, and much like riding a bull, it goes up, down, and side to side, along with wind and sand blowing everywhere.

Bardem also talked about his friendship with Jason Momoa. While the two haven't worked out together, Bardem has seen Momoa show off his strength in impressive ways. One day, when Momoa and Bardem's young kids were in the pool, "he was throwing them from the pool to the other side of the pool. And they were flying," he said.

One of Bardem's most well-known roles is in No Country For Old Men, where he plays a sadistic assassin (and for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor). How did Bardem play such a terrifying character so convincingly? "I don't know. I guess I have a psycho side of me. Who doesn't?"

He went on to say how much fun he had making the film, specifically shouting out his co-star Josh Brolin, who he says helped him feel less isolated during his first American production. "He really made me feel welcome and protected," Bardem says. "And since then, I adore him. He's a fun man to be with."

Finally, Bardem had to mention his likeness to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which he says he gets "a lot."

"He's way more handsome than I am," Bardem says. "We haven't met yet. I'm waiting for the day that we both will meet and say, "Hey, brother!"

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