Jason Segel reveals he’s 'always struggled a bit with anxiety'

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Jason Segel says he’s “pretty conscious” of his own mental health.

In his latest show, “Shrinking,” the actor portrays a therapist, who is grieving the death of his wife and frustrated with his patients. While promoting the show, Segel recalled his own struggles with anxiety and asking “so many times” for help.

“I’ve asked for help so many times in my life, in so many different ways,” he said in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment. “One of the things I’m always afraid of when I ask for help is that the person across from me is judging me or better than me, somehow.”

He added that his new show exposes that “we’re all a mess.”

“Like even the person you think is your authority, they’re a mess when they go home, too,’” he continued, before touching on his own experiences.

“I have always struggled a bit with anxiety and some sense that something is wrong and a sense of impending doom,” Segel said. “At some point, I decided there’s no reason to spend my life not feeling good, so I tried to acquire some tools, therapy being one of them, to feel like everything is OK.”

Segel stopped by TODAY earlier this month, where he spoke about his new series, which he co-stars with Harrison Ford.

“I think it’s very easy to get stuck in our lives and I think this is a guy who’s going through a real breakdown. He’s lost his wife,” he said while with series co-creator and actor Brett Goldstein. “The show is really tapping into the sense we all have, that we are grieving the loss of something we are not going to get back.”

“We all have that — whether it’s a loved one or the past few years. And this guy just can’t take it anymore,” he added.

This article was originally published on TODAY.com