Jason and Kylie Kelce Have Very Different Views on How Their First Date Went

jason and kylie kelce together at 'kelce' premiere and jason kelce on the field in eagles kelly green uniform
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These past few months, it's been rare to go a few days without hearing about one of the Kelce brothers. Many would argue that Philadelphia Eagles center Jason, 36, and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis, 34, are two of the most talented players in the league and their joint appearance playing one another in Super Bowl LVII, back on February 12, the first time two brothers have squared off against one another in the championship game, only seemed to increase their star power more. With the two reuniting on the field together Monday night November 20 to play one another for the first time since the Super Bowl when the Chiefs narrowly took the championship title, it's quite clear a lot of attention will be on both of them.

While it's Travis' blossoming relationship with pop icon Taylor Swift that has brought even more of a spotlight on the two Cleveland Heights brothers these past few weeks, Jason's longtime relationship with his wife Kylie McDevitt Kelce, 31, has always been beloved by Eagles fans, with the recent increase in attention only allowing us to fall in love with her just the same. So who is the 6' 3" offensive lineman's wife? Here's what we know about the couple.

Like many folks these days, the six-time Pro Bowler met the Narbeth, Pennsylvania native on Tinder. Kylie joined Travis and Jason on their New Heights football podcast back in September, where Travis took the chance to ask the couple more about their first time meeting and the beginning of their relationship, and the couple had very different perspectives on that first date.

Kylie shared in the clip that there was no mention of the Philadelphia Eagles or Eagles football at all on Jason's profile, and at one point, she thought the profile was a catfish. In the Amazon Prime Kelce documentary, which followed Jason's 2022 season with the Birds as he contemplated retirement, Kylie, who was majoring in Communications at Cabrini University in Radnor where she played field hockey at the time the two met, shared that her friends still suggested she go to the date because even if it was a catfish, it would still be funny. "It's either gonna be him or it's gonna be someone pretending to be him. Hilarious either way," they told her.

In the same podcast segment, Kylie said it was the second date, not the first, where she basically knew they had a connection, to which Jason "innocently" asks "What happened the first time?" She shared the story about how Jason ended up asleep 45 minutes after she got there on a bar table because he was too drunk, and his Eagles teammate Beau Allen had to "fireman carry" him home while Jason "fought him the whole way." Jason then interjects,"... but I was sober enough to know that it was the most beautiful I had ever seen in my life. It was love at first sight," while Kylie rolls her eyes, saying, "He doesn't even believe in love at first sight."

He continued, "It was like fireworks exploded at the door the moment you walked through the door [of] Buffalo Billiards..." and said it was like a "movie where an angel walks through doors" while Kylie snorted, saying that he was full of it. "Second date went much better. I didn't black out or fall asleep," he said.

"I saw him and I thought you're wearing plaid, and you're realllyyyy leaning into the lumberjack thing," she said. "When we first met he still had the man bun, full beard..." Although it's not clear when they two officially met, according to BRIDES, the pair went public on Instagram with their relationship in November 2015.

What was clearly a memorable first date for both turned into something more as the two went on to get engaged back in 2017. Although they never officially announced it, Kylie shared a photo with her ring for the first time back in August 2017 during a preseason practice with Jason. In another New Heights clip where the couple were talking about which one was more romantic, they shared the story of their engagement which, if their first date was any indication, followed suit with not being the most romantic proposal. The two were leaving Kylie's father's house when Jason, trying to find an excuse to go back in the house to talk to her dad about the engagement, told Kylie had had to go to the bathroom.

"When he got back in the truck, he said, 'This isn't the most romantic way to do this,' and I immediately started crying because I knew what was happening only because he referenced being romantic," Kylie said.

The couple married on April 14, 2018, the same year the Philadelphia Eagles clinched their first Super Bowl win against the New England Patriots, at the Logan Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. According to Philadelphia Magazine, the wedding included 170 guests plus the couple's Irish wolfhound Winnie. Their wedding photographer Sarah Alderman told the magazine at the time, "I couldn’t pick a better couple. I work with couples all the time, and you can tell when people are a good match. These two are good for each other on every level.”

Since then, the couple have gone on to have three children together. Their first daughter Wyatt Elizabeth, 4, was born in October 2019; their second Elliotte "Ellie" Ray, 3, was born in March 2021; and Bennett Llewellyn, about nine months, was born in February 2023 just two weeks after the Super Bowl. Kylie actually took two OB-GYNs with her to the Super Bowl in Arizona since she was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. They are still parents to Irish wolfhound Winnie and now have a second named Baloo. They are rumored to reside in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

When Jason isn't on the field playing during his thirteenth season with the team or celebrating being one of the finalists for People's 2023 "Sexiest Man Alive", he and Kylie are very involved in the Eagles Autism Foundation and his nonprofit, (Be)Philly, which supports the next generation of Philadelphians. Kylie hosts an annual charity event for the Eagles Autism Foundation in Sea Isle City, NJ, which in just its second year, reportedly raised $150,000. As for all their thoughts about this seemingly newfound attention? Jason thinks it's awesome to see.

"My wife has been in hiding for a long time,” Jason said on an episode of Pat McAfee's ESPN show. “I think one of the best things about the documentary is that everybody got to see everything she does and everything she goes through — and the tremendous person and wife that she is.”

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