Jason Collins gives his advice to players thinking of coming out

13 year NBA veteran and one of the first openly gay athletes to play in major professional sports in the United States, Jason Collins gives his advice to other athletes that may be considering coming out.

Video Transcript

JASON COLLINS: Athletes who have come out, they can sort of walk you through what to expect. A great resource that I had was John Amaechi. He played in the NBA and retired a couple of years, and then made the announcement that he was gay. But he was a huge help to me for what to expect to prepare me mentally.

When you make the decision, you sort of have to have a plan. Just like all athletes, we're used to being very regimented and having plans and having information. So as much information you can get ahead of time, that way you can come out on your own terms and sort of be prepared for what to expect. And I'm very grateful to talk with John Amaechi about what to expect. And he really helped me mentally.