Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Got Back Together on a Yacht With Rupert Murdoch, Billy Joel, & Bono

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Jared Kushner’s upcoming book, Breaking History: A White House Memoir, is already making waves even though it won’t be released until Aug. 23. While most of the publication will focus on his time in Washington, D.C., there are some curious details about his relationship with Ivanka Trump.

The former special adviser to Donald Trump is revealing that the couple broke up at some point during their relationship. As an Orthodox Jew, his faith was important to him, but Ivanka was raised as a Presbyterian Christian. Those religious differences became the source of their split, and while one might think they had a mature discussion about Ivanka converting to Judaism that reunited them — nope, it was an elite yacht scene that drove them back together.

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The couple managed to find themselves on the same superyacht in the French Riviera owned by Rupert Murdoch. It was his then-wife Wendie, who found a way to get Ivanka and Kushner to reconcile amongst a very A-list crowd. In an excerpt obtained by The New York Times, Kushner breathlessly shared the details of that day, “On that Sunday, we were having lunch at Bono’s house in the town of Eze on the French Riviera, when Rupert stepped out to take a call. He came back and whispered in my ear, ‘They blinked, they agreed to our terms, we have The Wall Street Journal.’ After lunch, Billy Joel, who had also been with us on the boat, played the piano while Bono sang with the Irish singer-songwriter Bob Geldof.”

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You might have heard the thunderous booms from all of that namedropping in one paragraph, but that’s exactly how Kushner set the scene. He and Ivanka romantically decided to make up amid other one-percenters on holiday — it gives readers a small glimpse into their power-hungry world.

Ivanka eventually made the decision to convert to Judaism, which paved the way for their marriage, but that might not have been enough for his future father-in-law. Remember, it was Donald who questioned Kushner as to why his daughter had to convert while also throwing out the (likely untrue) rumor that NFL star Tom Brady was also courting Ivanka. It set the stage for an unusual dynamic between the father and son-in-law, which may never heal after Donald Trump reads what Kushner wrote about his time in the White House.

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Ivana Trump, Donald Trump
Ivana Trump, Donald Trump

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