This Is What January’s Wolf Moon Really Means for You

This week there’s something special going on in the night sky. You’ll be able to see the first full moon of the year, one that’s been named the wolf moon, a name that dates back to ancient cultures. We’ve all heard of strange goings-on during a full moon, where mischief, mood swings, and mystical occurrences seem to peak, from bizarre human behavior to unsettled dogs. So what’s actually in store, and what does a wolf moon really mean?

Here’s what you need to know about January 2023’s wolf moon.

What is a wolf moon?

Full moon names are often inspired by the seasons, weather, or animals that are active at the time, and these vary around the world. (See: the strawberry moon, the blood moon.) The names stem from native tribes all across the world. 

The wolf moon is named after howling, hungry wolves that make themselves known near human settlements, usually around the month of January. Medieval Europeans and a number of native American tribes have all settled on the name wolf moon for the January full moon, although it’s unclear where the name first originated. Other names for the January full moon include stay-home moon and quiet moon.

When is the wolf moon in the US?

The 2023 wolf moon will be visible in the United States on Friday, January 6, and can be seen in the late afternoon, rising high overhead in the evening in the northern hemisphere. It is set to reach peak brightness around 6:09 p.m. ET.

What is the wolf moon’s spiritual meaning?

As explained, the wolf moon is named after the wolves that would howl during winter nights. Wolves howl to communicate with their pack and to protect their territory. It is thought that a wolf moon offers us greater opportunity for deep self-reflection.

According to many astrologers, a wolf moon can be an emotional time, when several astrological cycles are culminating all at once; this can mean you aren’t able to communicate or express yourself fully. Some believe that the eclipse component of a wolf moon might lead to tensions in your relationships, arguments, and misunderstandings. So if you’re feeling a little wound up this week, you can blame the night sky.

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