Jane Seymour praised for showing herself 'without makeup, without filters, completely natural' while living the 'jungle life' in Costa Rica

 jane seymour
jane seymour

Jane Seymour took to Instagram to share an unfiltered selfie from her current home base, Costa Rica.

Between her constant positive affirmations and enlightening messages posted to her Instagram, to her unforgettable roles in shows like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, the 72-year-old is constantly inspiring us - and her most recent Instagram selfie certainly is no exception. 

Although Jane has been in Costa Rica and has been traveling to other tropical destinations like Hawaii for a few weeks (as displayed on her Instagram), fans can't get enough of her vacation posts, including this one.

While on the beach in Costa Rica, the actor - who has confirmed she has never had a facelift - uploaded the selfie, which made sure to note in the caption was posted makeup-less and without a filter.

"My skin is absolutely loving the tropical weather! 😄 This is the no-makeup, jungle life!" she captioned the photo. In the selfie, she shows off her glowing skin, as well as her super chic, floppy straw hat.

After viewing this post, the question on everyone's mind likely is "how does Jane Seymour get her skin so good??" Well, according to Prevention.com, it's all thanks to a strict skincare routine.

jane seymour posing on the red carpet
jane seymour posing on the red carpet

First, she said that she cleanses, and then after cleansing will take a pad with micellar water over her face to ensure she's gotten everything off from the day. Then, she goes in with retinol - a crucial ingredient for sloughing away dead skin cells - a few times a week, as well as plumping serums that hydrate the skin, and then finally a dollop of moisturizer.

As for brands she loves, the actress gravitates toward Crepe Erase. "The ingredients we have in Crépe Erase seem to really work so I'm sticking to what works for me,” she said.

Then, in a trick that Paul Newman once taught her, she'll splash her face with cold ice - which she says helps bring down inflammation.

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In the comments of Jane's post, people sounded off about how inspiring and beautiful the actress is, both inside and out.

"I don't know any celebrity who shows herself without makeup, without filters, just completely natural. You are incredible! I celebrate you! Your beauty is timeless, inside and out!" one fan commented.

"You are absolutely beautiful inside out. You don't need any make up at all. You are a natural beauty. Thank you for being the way you - just unique," another said.