Jamie Lee Curtis Praises 'Freaky Friday' Co-Star Lindsay Lohan's Big Film Comeback

We'll never get tired of this fictional mother-daughter duo.

Jamie Lee Curtis is one proud mom—or, should we say, on-screen mom. 

The 63-year-old actress—who played Lindsay Lohan's mom in the 2003 hit film Freaky Friday—is gushing over the iconic actress, now 36, as she makes her big film comeback. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, Curtis shared an Instagram post of the poster for Lohan's new holiday movie, Falling for Christmas, which marks her first time acting in a film in years. 

"My little girl is all grown UP!" the Halloween star wrote in her caption, likely making all the nostalgic Freak Friday fans' hearts complete. 

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The Mean Girls actress has not yet responded to Curtis' sweet post, as she is likely too busy celebrating the debut of the highly-anticipated film, which began streaming on Netflix today, Thursday, Nov. 10.

But plenty of Curtis' followers weren't shy in expressing their feelings over the post, with one user commenting, "Please!! This is the cutest caption!! 😊😭." 

"Omg I'm crying rn brb," another user wrote, while more fans took the opportunity to call for a sequel to the beloved Disney film. 

"Freaky Friday 2.0 please!!" one fan wrote under Wednesday's post. 

Just last month, Curtis teased a potential sequel for the body-swapping film, saying she would "absolutely" be on board to make another movie with Lohan. 

"Freaky Friday was a fabulous movie, also very freeing creatively," she told Entertainment Weekly. "You know, being a teenager again, it was super fun. I had a good time with Lindsay. She was terrific." She also revealed that the former co-stars still text to keep in touch. 

While there is no official sequel in the works for Freaky Friday, fans can only hope it may happen someday! 

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