James Hardy, Rest in Peace

One of the most powerful forces on board, and one of the most genuine dudes off it, James Hardy passed away yesterday in Alabama.

James spoke openly about dealing with seizures and head trauma after his pro skateboarding career. His interview in Closer #2 is important. It was a seizure that ultimately took his life.

His catalog of video parts inspired countless skaters, and will continue to do so. Our thoughts are with James' family and friends.

From James' Check Out in 2007:

James is a talent. We all know them-part of the next generation of kids who take to rails with fearless abandon. He's the kind of kid that with some encouragement and a little prodding, you can get to do anything. He's fun that way. And once he sets his mind to something, there aren't enough kick-outs, comebacks, or broken boards to keep him from getting it. But just saying James is talented really doesn't do him justice. James is more like the little brother I never had. He's a great kid I enjoy being around. He doesn't say much because he doesn't have to, and at seventeen, he is more mature than most. In the world of annoying kids who think they're owed something, you've got to love the ones who still have their heads on straight and will listen to those looking out for them.-Joel Dembowski

A post from fellow Southern Real pro Justin Brock: